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Uninterruptible Power Supply Installation and Maintenance

Get the best price for UPS in UAE

More than +1000

30+ UPS

Available in 5 Countries

Working with around 40 Industries

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"At Oursouq, we are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge corporate computer UPS solutions. With a commitment to excellence, we empower businesses with reliable and efficient power management for sustained success."


Why Choose Oursouq

Emergency Repairs

OurSouq ensures rapid response and expert support for emergency situations, guaranteeing uninterrupted power supply when it matters most.

Service and Maintenance:

With a focus on reliability, OurSouq provides comprehensive service and maintenance plans to optimize your power infrastructure, ensuring peak performance.


Explore OurSouq's high-quality battery solutions, delivering dependable energy storage for a resilient and enduring uninterruptible power supply system

Installation and Commissioning

OurSouq excels in the seamless installation and commissioning of UPS systems, utilizing industry expertise to ensure efficient deployment and functionality.

We Keep Top Notch Materials

Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

"Exceptional service from OurSouq! Their swift response to our emergency needs and reliable batteries have made them an invaluable partner in ensuring uninterrupted power for our operations."

Lyla Rosen

Chief Operation Officer, Mico

"OurSouq's service and maintenance plans have exceeded our expectations. Their proactive approach has minimized downtime, keeping our systems running smoothly."

Ben Dersler

Head of IT, DimenXen

"Impressed with the meticulous site survey by OurSouq; it resulted in a tailored UPS solution. The installation and commissioning were seamless, and their expertise shines in every aspect of their service."

Ryan Fry

Support Services, Drolo

Our Clients

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